Lucid Greens Toner

What it is:

An effective blend of cucumber and fruit extracts that gently remove any impurities with it's anti-inflammatory properties while leaving the skin smooth, refreshed, and hydrated.
Why it’s special:
  •  Protects the skin from exposure to environmental elements.
  • contains Anti-acne benefits and decreased skin sebum content while increasing trans-epidermal water loss
  • High in minerals, potassium, and sulfur which help soften and hydrate the skin.
  • Promotes cell renewal for luxurious silky smooth skin.
  • Strong antioxidant benefits and has also been shown to calm skin
  • Coats, lubricates and seals moisture on dry skin prior to cleansing.
  •  Provides long-lasting moisture which helps reduce the appearance of cracked skin.
  • Act as protective barrier to replenish lipid into the skin.

Good to know: hypoallergenic,  appropriate for all skin types, long-lasting moisture, paraben free,  cruelty free, non-comedogenic


Redness Reducing

Helps reduce appearance of chaffed skin.

Imparts softness, suppleness and silkiness into the skin.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin.


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